Natural Mosquito Defense Effective How to Use It
Introducing the Mosquito Sentry® mosquito repellent system, the first effective automated system that uses 100% green and natural mosquito repellent to provide a broad area of protection from mosquitoes and other insects. The Mosquito Sentry® repellent dispenser uses patented1 vapor technology to continuously dispense the Mosquito Sentry® all-natural green repellent. The Mosquito Sentry® repellent is made from plant oils and is highly effective. 1U.S. Pat. No. 7,712,249 The key to the effectiveness of the Mosquito Sentry® system is its patented vapor technology that disperses a natural repellent that is more effective* than Deet and citronella, the two most widely used repellents in the world.

*According to a university study, the Mosquito Sentry® repellentmaterial is more effective than Deet and Citronella, the two most widely used repellents in the world.

Simply pour the Mosquito Sentry® Repellent into the reservoir of the Mosquito Sentry® repellent disperser and turn the disperser on. The system begins working immediately. When you are ready to go inside, simply turn the disperser off. It is not intended to remain on 24/7. When filled with repellent, the system will operate for a month of average use (based on studies showing that the average homeowner spends about 20 hours a month in their back yard.)